Le Dindon / Sauce for the goose

In this new production Sauce for the Goose, an adaptation of the French play «Le Dindon» by Georges Feydeau, the master farceur, don't expect a sweet and quiet play! 

Infidelity, hypocrisy and unexpected situations make this play incredibly funny and irresistible!

Brought to you by a group of local Francophiles (a mix of French-born, local Australians and native Spanish-speakers) this fast-paced comedy is full of jokes and displays a series of amazing behaviors.

Once you see this play, you won't think of marriage the same way.

The story is about a man- the womanizer Mr. Pontagnac- who cannot help but chase after every woman he happens to meet - even when it appears the woman he is chasing is the wife of one of his friends. It's a story about a woman who cannot stand being cheated on and decides to take action. It's a story of a couple -Mr. and Mrs Vatelin- who, while still in love, take advantage of their partner's absence to enjoy lovers. It's a story with a happy ending even though marital life seems less glorious afterwards.