Dans l'ombre du theatre / In the shadows of the theatre

In own Shakespeare’s words, "All the world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players".

"I am a fan of Shakespeare and through this play, I tried to contribute my own answers to the eternal question: what is real? Between the stage and life, where should we stand?" explains Jean-Yves Brignon, playwright and director of the play. "We all play different roles throughout our life, even through one day actually. And if life is really a stage, at least let’s try to perform it our best."

The story is about two aging actors, Natalia and Rissov, who reject getting old, with less than more success; 

Merchoukina dreams of devastation and feels the threat coming but no one takes her seriously; Olga is a young fan about to meet her hero; Elena, Lomovikine and Youlia have all secrets of their own and Dimitri is the guardian of the theatre. They don’t know it but they are playing the best roles of their life before the threat shows up and starts killing them, one by one.