Je t'aime! Moi non plus... 
/ I love you! Me neither...

When loves enters the scenes, sometimes it calls for violence, seduction, teasing or tenderness!

Through a series of  short plays, this show offers a unique glimpse at all the good and bad of being a couple. 


In a Greece not that so long ago, the men think of nothing but war, ... so much so that the women, tired of sleeping alone, unite around Lysistrata and go on a sex strike to make a change! 



Le Dindon 
/ Sauce for the Goose 

Infidelity, hypocrisy and unexpected situations make this play incredibly funny and irresistible!

Once you see this play, you won't think of marriage the same way...

Dans l'Ombre du Theatre 
/ In the Shadows of the Theatre

A group of eclectic and intriguing characters are being left in an old theater.

They don’t know it but they are playing the best roles of their life before the threat shows up and starts killing them, one by one. 



7 Péchés Capitaux
/ 7 Deadly Sins 

With renowned humour and passion, this play featured devils, angels and the struggle between good and evil.

Les Fourberies de Scapin
/ Scapin's Pranks

1930s adaptation of Moliere's last farce not only retained its original language and structure but also engaged a modern audience, adult and children alike.



/ Red

A selection of hilarious short plays intended to make you turn “rouge” with laughter. Directed by Jean-Yves Brignon.

Cuisines & Dependances
/ Kitchen with Apartment

 Written by the acclaimed couple Agnes Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri, Cuisine et Dépendances stages a dinner party turned upside down which will leave you wanting more.



Hors d'oeuvre

This hilarious degustation of 5 delectable short plays will leave you hungry for a second serving.

French Rendez Vous 

Original short comedies about finding the wrong person in all the wrong places. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

Whether you're lovesick or sick of love, you can't help but laugh at these would-be Romeos putting their best foot forward & putting the other foot in their mouths!

Written by Maxime Elgu 

8 Femmes 


8 women, 1 murder. They are all lying, but which one is the femme fatale?

A murder has shaken the household. To make it out of this isolated mansion alive they need to trust each other, but all 8 women are lying. So who committed the murder? Was it the unhappy wife? Was it the greedy mother-in-law? Or was it the maid with a past?

Will they uncover the truth in time to stop the killer from striking again?

The suspense will kill you...if she doesn't first!

Directed by Cecile Payet.


Territoires Sans Lumiere

Territoire sans lumière ressemble à une audition de music-hall. Et comme dans ces auditions, les acteurs chantent, dansent, et s'efforcent de garder un sourire crispé en travers de la figure. Ils se sont bien habillés, trop bien même, parce que cette audition ressemble aussi à la vie. Ils défilent, sans nom, avec un numéro, devant deux fonctionnaires, anonymes eux aussi. Et tout le monde chante. Pièce courte.