Workshop 06/02/14 - 19/06/14

In this previous workshop, we worked on creating a drama group, which is essential, using improvisation games, short texts, body exercises.

When the group was ready, we started working on our play, Lysistrata, which allowed everybody to act according to their level of French. All the sessions were of course conducted in French with a bit of translation when required

Workshop 05/09/13 - 05/12/13 

This workshop was organized in three parts : getting to knows each other first, then starting to perform as a group in small and easy improvisations, and finally performing short scenes in pairs (10 lines max) in front of the rest of the group. The sessions were directed in French and English as 1/3 of the participants were non French Natives. But all the improvisations were performed in French and in that particular case, the most outstanding performances didn't necessarily come from the native French, as actors who were not as comfortable in French compensated in an amazing way with their body language.

But drama would not be complete without a real audience ! Therefore, the last month of the workshop was focused on rehearsing 2 minutes scenes, in French of course, and performing on the last day in front of family, friends, and complete strangers. But the challenge was worth the trouble..